Baby Don’t Take The Fun (Lyrics)

by New Science on May 5, 2011

It must have rained every night except for one time
It’s like we’re doing this for spite over one crime
After a love giving dollar…
I get one dime.
You got me sitting in the dark wanting sunshine
I wanna take these stolen moments, roll them into one
And bounce them to you baby…
We can still have fun
After a while all the dark clouds will be on the run…
Let the wind carry them all to kingdom come…
I see you crying like there is no tomorrow…
Where did the sorrow find time to make you fall in love with it?
If two are miserable, tell me who benefits???
Many people would quit, if the chips got that low…
And I don’t wanna be the lonely man at the disco
Acting like he’s all that, truth blowing the whistle…
Written on your face like a hand painted pistol…
Shooting down your faith loosing taste in what’s simple

Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take the Fun Away

Today a friend called and said she’s giving up…
‘Bout to cut it all short like a buzz cut
I was a minute too late she didn’t give a F@#k!,
But it didn’t do here in I guess I’m in luck…
I had to rush to the ‘spital…
Figure out the riddle…
I couldn’t believe that life was this tough
But under certain circumstances we dance with this darkness
And part of it starts to feel romantic…
But what’s scary in life is, the moment when it’s too late…
Try to push the minutes back you find there’s nothing you hate…
Wanna patch up hardships with friends before the due date…
Prayer seems futile but I prayed anyway
It’s when help seems hopeless, that’s when help is on the way…
My arms stretched out to a familiar face
No time to waste or be misplaced…or misunderstood
You see…it’s all good

Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take the Fun Away

You wanna reach for the stars
But you couldn’t reach high enough
World on your shoulder and it kinda gets you fired up…
Hoping for some love but your arms ain’t wide enough
Can’t believe the hate and the hurt keeps riding us
Keep believing cause love will provide
It ain’t there when you want it, but it’s right on time
It’s just carving character, that’s why we are devine
If we do it all together then we’ll be fine
Just…let the bad times slip on by
Let them see the dreams when they look in your eyes
Cause they’ll see it too,
Then it finally arrives
Like a snowflake…Yeah we’re one of a kind
Reflecting this love every time that it shines
I know we all came here for a good time
So when you shed another tear
Things aren’t what they appear,
And if it don’t matter pay it no mind…

Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take The Fun
Baby Don’t Take the Fun Away (There’s only one life)

Don’t Take The Fun
Please Don’t Take The Fun
Don’t Take The Fun
Please Don’t Take The Fun

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Kat Damiano May 9, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Love the new song Tre!!! Looking forward to hearing more soon.


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