G. Love and Slimkid3 in PDX

by New Science on March 12, 2012

So when I heard last week that G. Love was going to be in Portland on March 3, I had to hit him up right away so I could go check him out, hang out, and play some catch up. We first ran into each other on the road a few years back — he was a really cool dude and we hit it off, so we got together after that to do a song on his “Superhero Brother” album called (you guessed it) “Who’s Got the Weed”.

G.Love and Slimkid3 “Can I Kick It”

Anyway, he hit me back on the text right away saying he wanted me to jump up on stage with him and do “Can I Kick It” (make sure you check out the youtube vid of us above doing an impromptu version in a bathroom somewhere in Australia) and “Who’s Got the Weed”. However, I’ve been pretty deep into my own recording lately which meant that I had too many new rhymes circling my head to remember any of my other rhymes at all. I listened to the track on my iPhone for a few days to jog my brain on the verse I wrote. I had it all together only to get to sound check and fuck it up as if I had never even practiced it at all. But G was totally cool about it and we quickly put something else together that turned out effing fly. It was a mash up of the Biz Markie record “She’s Just a Friend” and The Pharcyde track “Passing Me By”. What a classic mix. I loved it.


Fast forward to the show: I’m standing back stage with G. Love and his lady giving me the pep talk — G tells me, “Tre, you know the rhymes to ‘Can I Kick It?” I said yes. He said, “let me hear it.” So I kicked my verse for the version of “Can I Kick It” that we created in Australia. And then he was confident that we could do it in the show.

The combination of the two of us on stage went very well for the Portland crowd and they were extremely open to the Golden Era classics we mashed up as well. It was a great night.

G. Love, good to see you bro. Until next time.


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