Tre’s Bizarre Ride Celebration

by New Science on May 28, 2012

“WOW!” is the word of the day. Where do I start? On Wednesday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” at the Roxy Theatre in LA and I’m still overwhelmed by all the love, support, and amazingly good energy we received throughout the whole process of putting this event together.

Working together with J-Sw!ft, LA Jay, Fatlip and so many other people who were part of the Bizarre Ride experience 20 years ago was such a blessing. The last two weeks were crazy, busy, hectic –  but so full of laughter and excitement, too.

There were long days of preparation leading up to this for the past 2 weeks (which I handled in between recording sessions at DJ NuMark’s studio for our new album and sitting in crazy LA traffic.) We had rehearsals the week before over at Jaacko’s place (our engineer and tech guy), where we reconnected to the “Bizarre Ride” nostalgic energy. J-Sw!ft was so energized that he made Faltip (who is usually the wild one in the group) look like a flashlight next to a sun cannon. But the way the two of them bounce off of each other is priceless. J-Sw!ft’s endless jokes had us in stitches the whole way. LA Jay (who produced “Otha Fish” and the “Passing Me By – Fly As Pie” remix) and our old friend Richard Lewis plugged away at the visuals to make every piece of the show something truly classic and memorable. The care that Mike and Rick Ross from Delicious Vinyl put into the production truly came through in show quality. The DV team (Tachi, DJ Girl Is Tough) were manning their stations and holding it down with the media, our friend Daniel Ferguson was handling the Online Live Stream show preparations, and Fatlip and I pounded down interview after interview like beers at frat party.

Delicious Vinyl locked out the Roxy on Sunset for two days so that we could bring the Magic. And Magical it was. Througout our career, we were always known for having that unpredictable, anything-can-happen factor and we applied that to this show… like… What if when Fatlip does his part on “4 Better 4 Worse” we make the stage dark and have him do his rap in front of a creepy flash light to give it the horror effect? We dug it! Fatlip didn’t… wamp wamp:(  Then I said, “I Got it! We can have a Jason mask on J Swift and two “Scream” masks — one for me and one for K-Natural. We can stand on each side of Fatlip like his psycho guardians!!!”  Response: “Yeah!” Mike Ross suggests having  Bugaloo Shrimp get in the mix on “Return of the B-Boy” and have us all dress up in track suits and take it all the way Old Skool. Our response: “OH SHIT! Bugaloo Shrimp??? From the movie “BREAKIN”???… FUCK YEAH!!! (cue: “Team America” voice, for those of you who are familiar). It was a really creative process and so many good ideas came out of it.

The day of the show, we got word that the show was SOLD OUT, as all of our phones and emails were on OVER-FUCKIN-LOAD with guestlist requests. We knew that was only the translation of LOVE for something so special, but our lists were full like an aunt on the couch unbuttoning her jeans to watch TV at Thanksgiving. No Bueno.

All in all the night was OFF the METER! The energy was high, the fans were open, Big Boy from Power 106 (and our bodyguard back in the day) was in the house. So was DJ M Walk. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Classic and memorable as ever. This was a truly special way to celebrate 20 years of great work. All that was missing was my champagne.

Cheers! And THANK YOU to everyone who came out on Wednesday to support, to everyone who tuned in online, and for all those of you who have been riding with us for the last 20 years. It wouldn’t have been the same without all of you.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone at Delicious Vinyl for making this happen. Especially,

Mike Ross
Rick Ross
Anna Willard
Brad Willard
Chris Carey
Ty Leyva
Brian Sousa
Tachi Fujimori
Staci Gabrielli
Jordan Lockett
Peter Relic
Kiara Tenae
Alice Price-Styles
Denisse Salcido

- Tre

P.S. Check out my Facebook photo gallery from the celebration!


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