Bizarre Ride Interview w/ Pot Holes In My Blog

by New Science on September 26, 2012


From your standpoint, is there any hope that things can be brought back together, or is it a lost cause?

Right now, on their end, they need to be open to being flexible and not try to control everything. I guess they want the world to see just the two of them as The Pharcyde, and that’s it. That’s what they feel comfortable with. They don’t want to deal with me, they don’t want to deal with Fatlip, they just want to show the world that they are the Pharcyde, and we’re not. On the flipside, The Bizarre Ride Live that [Fatlip, J-Swift, L.A. Jay and me] have been doing, it’s been really fun and hanging out with J-Swift and the guys that were there for the magical vibe that was there during the making of The Bizarre Ride the album, that’s returned.

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Matthew September 29, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Imani, Booty Brown, Fatlip & SlimKid3…we do it this way. I wish yall could get back on the same page and stay there. The Pharcyde is my all time favorite hip hop group. I’ve been listening since Passin Me By came out and I even have your Legend of Phoenix CD. Hope it works out for yall. Shout out to Tre..all the way from Memphis


Donnie Bonelli October 18, 2013 at 8:13 am

Yo Slim! You killed it last night in SLC. The Pharcyde was a big part of me getting into rapping when I was young. I was so stoked for the opportunity to open for you guys last night! Big up! Keep doing you!


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