Bizarre Ride: Track-By-Track Breakdown

by New Science on November 25, 2012

Tre "Slimkid3" Hardson The Pharcyde
On a recent afternoon, I met with Tre “Slimkid3″ Hardson, de facto leader of ’90s L.A. hip-hop misfits the Pharcyde and Portland transplant, on the back patio of ¿Por Que No? on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, to discuss the 20th anniversary of his group’s highly influential debut album, 1992′s Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde.

“4 Better Or 4 Worse”

We were getting married to the industry, to the entertainment industry, to each other—we were committing to what it is we’re doing, for better or for worse. There are the good times, and there are the bad times, and we’re in it for the long haul. So that’s what “4 Betta for 4 Worse” was all about. However, Fatlip’s verse…That was part of who we kind of were. We would joke a lot. Not just regular jokes but really fucked up jokes. Fatlip, he was so funny, because he did that verse when we were back at [after-school music program South Central Unit]. So this was during the time when we didn’t give a shit if a label picked us up or not. This was pre-Bizarre Ride, pre-Delicious Vinyl. So we didn’t care. We didn’t give a shit. So when he was doing that, we were just laughing. “Ah, why you’d say that? ‘Fist up the pussy’? Who says that?” I ain’t saying shit like that as long as my mama’s alive. It still feels bad to this day. Every time he says that, sometimes we let the crowd say that. Because it kind of hurts. It’s kind of not right.

Read Hardson’s full track-by-track breakdown here.


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