Tour Blog: Bizarre Ride Takes Japan

by New Science on January 24, 2013

Slimkid3, Fatlip, J-Sw!ft, K-Natural, L.A. Jay, and Cee Brown take the Bizarre Ride to Japan

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. Between the holidays and my chronic J to the L (jet lag), I must say that it took me a couple weeks to recover from my December run in Japan with the Bizarre Ride crew. So let’s get into it: in December, Fatlip and I spent over a week in Japan performing “Bizarre Ride” shows with J-Swift, LA Jay, K Natural and our DJ, Cee Brown, as well supporting the release of our “Fat and Slim” EP (called “The LOVE Album”).

Japan was amazing. We set sail on the Bizarre Ride Mother Ship and elevated all of Japan into Outer Space. Bullet trains to taxis… We put our work in.

Where do I start? To begin with, I took more chances on food this time around. I think I tried almost everything I could get my hands on (with the exception on the chicken sashimi — had to pass on that one, Son!). Ramen was the staple that I couldn’t get enough of, and the sushi was slices of Heaven over rice (washed down with Sake, of course).

Our first stop was Tokyo. Then Osaka, Fukouka, Okayama, and back to Tokyo. Tokyo is an amazing, fun, modern city. I can never get enough of it. We performed on MTV Japan for a show that is sort of like the equivalent of the X-Games here in the US. There were skaters and dancers and dirt bikes on this HUGE RAMP that was also a stage. The G-Shock company was in the house because they have been backing the “Fat and Slim” project and they treated us like royalty — arranged a great video presentation for the show and everything. They also laced us with some fresh watches. Gotta love the perks of the job! (but my son snagged them all…).

When we got to Osaka, I went to a Buddhist temple to pray, but I forgot the ritual so I had to wait silently while others went first to check out what they were doing! Then I proceeded with the washing of my hands, throwing the coins in the box, ringing the bell, and finally praying for the blessings of success and world peace… Just kidding! I just prayed for success — and good health for me and my family. I figured if I started there then the world would catch up to me. lol.

Next thing: there was a major record release party in Osaka for our Fat and Slim project, which is taking off very well. We did a little Live performance action with some not-so-good mics… Classic! Love it when the mics aren’t working.

Osaka was great. The shops and night life there are amazing. There’s this great area with a long stretch of stores, it seems like you could walk and shop for days.

We wrapped the trip up with an in-store performance at Tower Records in Tokyo, where they are promoting the Fat & Slim project. It was so dope to still see a Tower Records. Wish there were more music stores out there these days.

All of our shows were BEYOND DOPE. We always get a warm welcome in Japan — the audiences are so open and receptive and they have a true appreciation for hip hop. Japan kicks major ass when it comes to kindness. I literally watched K-Natural get stuck in a bowing session of gratitude for 15 minutes. He just didn’t know how to bow out! Damn. I can totally relate, though. I was stuck in Starbucks saying thank you to the friendly servers there until I had to throw myself out of the window.

In short Japan was a blast. This month: East Coast and then Europe. It’s ON!!!

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