J Dilla: “She Said” Debate

She Said (Original Version)

She Said (J Dilla Remix)

SLIMKID3 of The Pharcyde - J Dilla RemixFrom the mind of SLIMKID3

J Dilla’s Influence

When I first heard the “She Said” remix that J Dilla did for us, I was blown away. I produced the original track that appeared on Labcabincalifornia and J Dilla did the remix. The original track that I made was amazing to me. It had had the same effect on me that “Passin’ Me By” had when we were making it back at SCU (South Central Unit)—this magical effect where you knew it was a hit, you knew it was going to work. It just gave you this gut feeling.

I remember the guitar sample that I had looping in my mind and it took me to a very sad place. “Down By The River” by Buddy Miles was the sample. It still grips me to this day. The music sounded like a song of longing, so that’s how I wrote it. That is what the guitar was saying to me as it cried. So if you could just imagine this song as an outfit, it fit me perfectly.

“She Said” was the theme of my life. But making the song was a struggle. I was trying to get the label to believe me when I said I had another hit for them and that I would just need a little more time. They pushed back on me because we had a deadline to meet and that created a lot of stress. But I promised them they would love it. I told them: just trust me. They had not heard it at all so it didn’t matter much to them—they just wanted to meet the deadline. We were mixing Labcabincalifornia at the time and “She Said” was the last song I had my hands on to finish. LA Jay was in the studio with us for that mix too. Finally, after days of mixing it, I got the song done and got it rushed over to the label while I went home to sleep. It still wasn’t sonically like I wanted but it was good enough to show them something. I got a call from them the next day with major apologies. They loved it—like I thought they would. We did a nice campaign around it and we were all pleased.

J Dilla Remix – Meant To Be

Then it was time for a remix to happen to put out the single. Now a remix isn’t always a good thing. A remix is like having a pimple on your face when you have to go take class pics … not a good look. Sometimes a bad remix can destroy the original song, because the original is tailored to be musically sound, on key, and on beat. But sometimes you get a beatmaker who is not musically inclined and they don’t put the vocals in the right key, or the vocals might not be aligned to be on-beat, which makes you sound like a bad MC—(and fans believe that you were a part of making that happen); or maybe the beat just doesn’t complement the song. But I must say J Dilla really gave us what we were looking for. Not only that, but he (J Dilla) gave us a choice of six different remixes each one complemented the vibe of the song completely.

The one that you hear on the single and see in the remix video perfectly encapsulated the tone and the feeling I was going after. J Dilla’s track still gave you that longing feeling and more. The sample that J Dilla used was a classic in its self: “Star of the Story” by Heatwave. Amazing! Jay Dee really had a way of selecting music and he could chop and flip it in major ways that were always beyond my belief. I used to just bring him music to flip and it was always killer too. I thought Dilla was a walking lottery ticket. He was beyond talented, yet so humble. R.I.P J Dilla!