Kanye West Favorite Album Of All Time: Bizzarre Ride II The Pharcyde


SLIMKID3 of The Pharcyde - On Kanye WestFrom the mind of SLIMKID3

Inspiration for Kanye West – Hell Yeah!

I had been hearing about Kanye West wanting to link up with us from friends that have talked to him, or that he will sometimes cover “Otha Fish” or “Passin’ Me By” on stage. I’d hear that and I’d always thought “that’s hella cool.” But when I actually saw the video clip of him saying that his favorite album of all time was Bizzare Ride II the Pharcyde … I was like “Oh my God! He just did that!”

It was straight off the cuff, no pauses…in a perfect flow. I was like, hell yeah! It’s really an honor to hear how our music has inspired some many different people all across the board—and now another generation of great artists, too. This was a special moment because, of all the artists that have given us shouts over the years, Kanye West is really one of the tops in the industry right now. A real game changer.

Kanye West has inspired us too…

I love how he is raw with it—always saying what’s on his mind like BAM! I’m feeling that. Also, after watching his 30-minute long video for “Runaway,” I was completely blown away. I love that kind of creativity in people. Kanye West comes with it. Shit, just his beats alone are amazing. They’re raw and they’re edgy. My favorite song of his right now is “Power.”  That beat is fucking sick! I would love for Kanye West to produce some Pharcyde joints for us. A Pharcyde-Kanye West collaboration could definitely be a classic! I feel it. Thanks for the love, Bro.

Kanye, if you’re reading bro then get my new single “Baby Don’t Take The Fun” in the widget below and maybe you’ll wanna cover that one too! FTW!!!

Mad props for Kanye West