Rock The Bells: The Pharcyde Reunion

SLIMKID3 of The Pharcyde - Rock The BellsFrom the mind of SLIMKID3

Rock The Bells – Gotta Love It

In 2007, Chang Weisberg from Guerrilla Union came to one of my shows with Fatlip at the Temple Bar in Los Angeles. We all talked after the show and he told us that he had been in talks with Imani and Bootie Brown about what it would take to make a Pharcyde reunion happen at Rock The Bells. Since parting ways with the group back in 2000, I had worked with Fatlip off and on, but it had been about 10 years since we had all worked together. I’d see the other guys around LA from time to time, but we hadn’t really been in regular contact for many years. When Chang approached us to do Rock The Bells, it just felt like the right time and the right opportunity to try this again.

When we all got together for the first time again back in 2008 at Rock The Bells, the air was still thick from past issues that we still had to confront. There wasn’t a lot of trust between us then, just memories. I wanted everything to work out. I’m not one to like to dwell in the past, but those things had to be resolved for us to move forward, no matter whose fault it was. The offer to reunite for Rock The Bells was a new opportunity for us to do something great again. And Rock The Bells was the perfect platform to put us up in a high place that we were well deserving of—all four of us. Not just one or two. Because The Pharcyde was something that was built by all the members involved over many years.

Rock The Bells – Keeping It All Pro…

What I loved most about the process of reuniting for Rock The Bells is that we kept everything professional when it was time to hit the stage. I noticed that before each show we all still stretched and did our ritual meditations and breathing exercises and prep with no one else in the dressing rooms—the way we had always done it. If other people were there, they had to step over me or Romye doing the splits somewhere on the floor. We all came into focus leaving all things that weren’t Pharcyde or related to Pharcyde music outside. And that made me happy to be a part of this unit. The craft was always was and always will be first.

The most memorable time for us at Rock The Bells had to be The LA show in San Bernardino.
There were so many people who came to see us back together. I think we all got the chills or teary-eyed when our old bodyguard, Big Boy from Power 106, announced us to bless the stage. I feel like there was no other moment like it. Even the Black Eyed Peas performed at that show just to rock with us. That was a surprise. The Peas were like family growing up with us on the LA dance scene and this was indeed a celebratory time. I feel like everywhere I looked at that show there was someone who helped us along the way: folks from the hood to folks from old jobs, college friends, old fans, new fans, family, the guys’ kids. Wow! All there to pay respect to the energy and formula of a good thing. So thankful for it and everyone there.

I’m looking forward to Rock The Bells again…