The Pharcyde: Passin’ Me By

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Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde

“Passin’ Me By” was a song that took some time to make and perfect. What I recall about it is all of us hanging out at SCU (South Central Unit) Studios (owned by our manager at the time, Reggie Andrews). We were there day-in and day-out working on our craft, listening to records that Reggie had in his garage. Romye and J-Swift were down in the garage digging through crates and crates of records. I have to give the credit to those two for vinyl research.

I remember “Passin’ Me By” by The Pharcyde was supposed to be two separate songs that were later made into one. We had two different samples we were going to use: “Summer in the City” By Quincy Jones and “Hill Where the Lord Hides” by Eddie Russ. But the two parts just fit together so well we combined them into one song. It was our musical peanut butter cup. Like … this shit is kinda fantastic!

So, the song looped and loomed through the studio for days. We would all be sprawled out writing lyrics but still waiting for an answer from the Hip Hop Gods (weed) to give us a sign. Then Romye picked up on a frequency. He said: “What about ‘she keeps on passing me bye?’” Since that is all we used to do during our down-time during rush hour: watch the girls drive by on La Cienega. “Yes!” Then Fatlip went into the studio and sang the hook. I heard it and went in directly after to put on the harmony and extras. Words dropped from the sky like skittles after that. It’s like the song wrote itself and chose us to be a part of it.

The Pharcyde: Passin’ Me By – Lyrics

The first verse was classic with Romye’s high-pitched voice, then me with my Fairy Tale tale. I was thinking about my first real girl friend when I was in 12th grade and how it was the first time I didn’t have to do “the chase” thing like boys often do for all of their lives. All the other girls I would try for thinking that were going to do the dating thing, but I quickly found myself in the friend zone. Hence: “I guess a twinkle in her eye was just a twinkle in her eye.” I was always the one with that shit-face smile like: “Oh…it’s cool. No, we’re good. Don’t worry about it. No hurt at all.” Wa wa wa … (sad trombone). So that’s where my verse came from.

Then came Imani speaking on getting sprung, and Fatlip with the help of J-Swift came with the classic singing love letter. “My Dear My Dear My Dear…” History was made. J-Swift was such a special part in all this because of his musical knowledge and skills as a pianist. We were all blessed to find each other and have this music fall into our lap. Quincy Jones was also a blessing for this song to exist for us as well. Without “Summer in the City” (and his approval to use it for The Pharcyde album) and other sample elements, who knows what would have happened.

All these years later and I’m still making what I feel is some of the best music of my career. I’m so excited about my new single “Baby Don’t Take The Fun” and the remix by my man DJ Nu-Mark from Jurassic 5. Just enter your email in the widget below to get your free download now.

Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde is a great album.